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Company B
Re-enactment Unit


There are many people in all walks of life who actively attempt to preserve that part of America's heritage that deal with the American Civil War and the Civil War era. One such group, Company B of the Bucktails is dedicated to preserving the memory of all those brave soldiers who fought for the Union, particularly the men from the Duncannon, Pennsylvania area. Company B strives to create authentic portrayals of the Civil War soldier and civilian. The unit participates in a multitude of Civil War related events such as battle reenactments, living histories, parades, demonstrations, and lectures. Members of the unit are available for presentations to various community and educational organizations free of charge. We are also actively involved in various Civil War preservation projects. 

While we strive to be authentic, we are also a family oriented unit based out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We believe that a hobby or avocation as compelling as Civil War reenacting ought to be shared by the family and not just the men. Consequently we usually maintain two camps at events--one that is strictly military and one in the civilian area where all civilians camp as well as those soldiers who choose to camp with their families.

Company B was formed approximately 9 years ago with 9 men. It has continued a slow, gradual growth to where we now have close to 40 members, military and civilian. The core of the unit resides in the Central Pennsylvania area but we have members from  Pennsylvania (Philadelphia to Pittsburgh); Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, and Delaware. There is very limited activity in the Harrisburg area itself, so where you live isn't all that important. We are actively recruiting new members. We believe we are one of the best reenactment groups in the state and , as a member of the Mifflin Guard , belong to the best battalion sized unit in reenacting. Click here for additonal information about joining.